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Updates and Issues
Roster and Site problems

Hello Everyone,
As you are aware, We have made some changes to the version of software our site runs on. One of the issues was due to us upgrading Apache and PHP. Our roster is currently not updating correctly and several links are not working properly. I am currently looking in to getting things back how they should be so please work with me here, I should have everything restored by the end of next month.

As for everything Else, Our guild is doing good and back in motion. All members are encouraged to recruit good trustworthy people for the guild as we want to narrow down on trolls and so forth.

by Happymoonkin, Tuesday, 23 December 2014 23:04 [ Read all ]
Updates and Issues
Teamspeak 3 Downtime.

Hello Everyone,
For some reason our Teamspeak 3 license has expired. I have contacted support to hopefully get it renewed.

In the meantime I was able to get the server back online by removing the license file so we will be limited to 30 people unfortunately but I am hoping to get our main license renewed shortly, That was why we had downtime today and why it was not accepting new connections.

by Happymoonkin, Tuesday, 23 December 2014 20:15 [ Read all ]
Updates and Issues
Warlords of Draenor

Hello Everyone,
I finally got around to upgrading the forum system (Was having issues with the old system vs new versions of php) so the site is back to operation.

With the new World of warcraft Expansion being released, I plan to get us all geared up and back to PVPing. I'd like to get who we can geared up before the next months so we can jump in to RBGS asap.

by Happymoonkin, Tuesday, 23 December 2014 20:12 [ Read all ]
Updates and Issues
Fantasy Football Kicking Off

Good Luck with the drafts this year.

by Happymoonkin, Sunday, 13 July 2014 21:40 [ Read all ]
Updates and Issues

Teamspeak 3 Re-route Test
Monday, April 20, 2014

Today I did some re-routing test. During this period the site and team speak may have appeared down even though it was re-routed. This is due to the Backup DNS not being updated with every ISP (Takes up to 72 hours). By the end of Thursday everyone will have a copy of the new DNS and will correctly route. All tests were completed.

Teamspeak 3 Server Re-routs
Sunday, April 20, 2014

I have added a backup DNS which will kick in if our primary server goes down and will re-route traffic to the backup server. If our main server goes down please try to connect to teamspeak 3 using It will take up to 3 minutes for the DNS to update to the backup system but all traffic will be routed. NOTE: We only have a Backup Teamspeak server NO backups of our site or email will be routed.

Server Downtime
Incident Start: 11:45 PM PST 04/16/2014
Incident End: 12:00 PM PST 04/17/2014
Total Time: 13 Hours

On Wednesday April, 16, 2014 at 11:45 PM PST our web servers data center experienced a issue with connectivity. This issue was caused due to some failed routers in which had to be replaced at several locations.

Our servers returned to operation around noon on Thursday.

by Happymoonkin, Monday, 21 April 2014 18:41 [ Read all ]
Updates and Issues
Site Changes

Hello Everyone,

I have finally decided to redesign the site after almost 2 years of doing little to nothing to it. Hopefully when I am done people will actually use the site. I have removed the redirect on the site that directs you here so now our main page will load once more.

** 04/21/2011 **

+ Launched new website.
+ Merged forum users to new site. Now one log on will provide access to everything.

* Made several changes to the forums these changes include deleting, moving and modifying the forum section so feel fee to browse the forums.
* Updated guild permissions and users. All new users will be put in the trial member group. This is done to ensure they are not a bot so upon registering please contact one of the forum leaders to be moved to the members group or you will be unable to post.

Known Issues
* When logging on to our main site, it may not log you in after it refreshes. This can be fixed by simply logging in again although I believe this issue has been fixed people may still experience it.

** 04/19/2011 **

- Removed Redirection to forums. We now have a updated website again.
+ Fixed the guild photo album so it now works once more. Happy posting!

- Removed Staff section of forum because it was getting in the way.
+ Added Dungeon and PVP forums. Please read the forum guidelines in those forums before creating topics.
- Removed older posts in raids.
+ Added a category under raids called Old Raids if anyone cares.

More updates soon.

by Happymoonkin, Tuesday, 19 April 2011 02:02 [ Read all ]

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